Unprovoked Attack By Gang Of Pensioners Leaves Teen Fighting For His Life


A VICIOUS mugging by a gang of up to 7 pensioners has left one teenage boy fighting for his life in the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

The unprovoked assault happened last night at around 5pm, as the 16-year-old made his way home after stepping out to the shops for milk and fags.

The boy, who has grandparents of his own, was stopped by a 76-year-old woman outside the Abbey Street branch of Veritas, where she had been reading religious books all day.

The woman asked the young man “if he had any Murray Mints”, and when he said no he was struck from behind by another man in his early 80s, before several more elderly people piled on and began kicking the youth on the ground. The attack, in which walking sticks and handbags were used, lasted for nearly a whole minute.

The attackers then used their free passes to flee on the Luas, and were seen laughing and jeering and making obscene hand gestures as onlookers tended to the boy’s injuries.

“Mugging by old people in the Dublin area are up since 2014,” said a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána’s elderly crime task force.

“They prey mostly on young people, and seem to be motivated solely out of pure viciousness. People are advised to be on the lookout for suspicious elderly people up to no good, usually outside churches or drinking tea in McDonalds”.

So far, one woman in her 70s has been remanded for questioning about the incident. Although she cannot be named for legal reasons, sources say she is “known to Gardaí”.