Cost Of An Arm And Leg Soars To Record Levels


CONSUMERS up and down the country have reacted angrily to yet another rise in the cost of an arm and a leg, which has seen the items reach record high prices.

“This is a joke, how much do companies expect us to pay for this stuff,” frustrated an arm and a leg buyer Matthew O’Brien told WWN.

Despite the rise in price, consumer experts have taken little issue with the news, all but accepting the cynical annual price increase.

“You’ve just got to shop around and ask yourself where are you shopping for your arms and legs, and have you checked what prices are like online?” Cian Bishop, consumer expert told WWN.

An arm and a leg providers, long associated with putting huge markups on their already overpriced products, risk isolating many members of the public who will simply refuse to pay the prices demanded.

“I’ve bought mine on the black market for years, be mad to pay those prices. I know a lad who knows a lad if you need them on the cheap,” confirmed Eoin Devlin, local man about town.

Manufacturers of arms and legs were unavailable for comment.