Puck Fair Forced To Change Name To Puck Unfair


FOLLOWING pressure from animal rights group Aran, the Puck Fair is to formally change its name to Puck Unfair.

The name change is seemingly an acknowledgement of the less than favourable treatment of the so-called ‘Puck King’ goat, who is hoisted high up in a cage for two days during the fair.

“We wouldn’t class this as a complete victory, but it is a step in the right direction,” a spokesperson for Aran told WWN, “we would hope this is the last year a goat is suspended in a cage above fair goers for their amusement”.

Aran had planned to protest at the fair, but called off the protest after allegedly receiving threatening messages from locals.

“Well, I say threats, but honestly, I couldn’t understand a word, but the tone seemed threatening at the very least,” added the spokesman.

The Puck Unfair have repeatedly stated on the record that the wild goat receives exemplary care and is the envy of the goat community.

“It is isn’t ideal we’re after ordering 50,000 that had ‘Puck Fair’ on them, so we’ve taken a hit on that. Then there’s the official Puck Fair lady’s fragrance. But, look it if it shuts the moaners up it’ll be worth it,” explained one of the Puck Fair’s organisers Colm Walsh.

“Being suspended in a cage for 48 hours is a small price to pay for a free trip to the vet, let’s be honest,” Kerry TD Michael Healy Rae explained to WWN, “last year’s Puck King was murdered by a jealous rival as soon as he was returned to the wild, that’s just how special an honour it is,” added Healy Rae.