5 Must-See Documentaries On Netflix Right Now


THERE’S so many incredible, can’t-miss documentaries hiding away on Netflix that it can be a little overwhelming for the casual viewer who uses the video streaming service just to watch movies they’ve already seen and episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  If you’ve ever felt left out while friends or co-workers discuss watching “an amazing documentary on Netflix”, then check our guide to the 5 must-see docs that you need to watch right now:

1) On Dusty Wing


You’ve probably never wanted to spend an hour and a half of your leisure time watching a documentary about moths, until everyone in your office started talking about it out of nowhere one day. Up your moth-knowledge with the stunningly shot, narration-free “On Dusty Wing”,  one of the finer moth documentaries available on Netflix right now.

2) Tubular Bells


The advent of the cardboard tube changed 20th century living forever. Filmmaker Adele Adnam spent ten years compiling the true story of the men and women who pioneered cardboard tube technology, presented in this documentary which you can bring up in any conversation with your friends regardless of what they were talking about at the time, by simply starting with the phrase “that reminds me of a documentary I watched on Netflix”.

3) The Spray


The lives of department store fragrance sprayers are examined in microscopic detail in this poignant expose, which will have you reaching for your phone to inform all your friends on social media about how moving and life-affirming the documentary you just watched on Netflix was. The slow-moving verité is hard to watch, but well worth it in order to be able to feel like you’ve somehow gotten one up on anyone who hasn’t seen it.

4) Missing


One man’s heartfelt quest to find out what happened to his son who went missing over 20 years ago is just the kind of thing that you can tell everyone at work you watched last night while they were watching soaps, or something entertaining. Watching something that nobody else has watched makes you sound more interesting, especially if it’s a voyeuristic, tragic tale that hasn’t got a shred of entertainment value. Watching this makes basically makes you a hero!

5) Docflix


The mesmerising Docflix takes a look at how documentaries on Netflix overtook the weather as the go-to topic of conversation among people with fuck all else to talk about. Interviewing thousands of Netflix users who purposely surf the streaming service to find the most obscure shit to watch in a bid to make up for a lack of any personality, Docflix will change the way you oar documentaries into everyday conversation, forever.