Man Can Remember Lyrics To Ad Jingle From The 80s But Not Where His Car Keys Are


ALTHOUGH Dublin man Cathal Tobin can vividly remember the lyrics to the ESB’s “Nightsaver” ad campaign from nearly thirty years ago, the Clondalkin native has found himself completely unable to remember just where he left his car keys last night.

The 40-second ad for the Electricity Supply Board featured a family singing about the merits of low-cost storage heating to the tune of “Israelites” by Desmond Dekker, and was shown on Irish screens during the mid-eighties, when Tobin was only a child.

Despite this, he can still rattle off the entire song at a moments notice, even though he cannot recall what he did with the keys to his Volkswagen Passat less than twelve hours ago.

“Oooooh, the night saver,” hummed Tobin, searching for his keys before he has to admit defeat and run for the bus so as not to be late for work.

“Here’s the thing, I know I had them in the house when I came in, ‘cos I wanted to check if I could lock the central locking from inside the house. So they’re definitely in the house, somewhere. I’m just not entirely sure where. I can however tell you that storage heating’s the answer, Nightsaver’s the way”.

The search continues.