Further Financial Woe For Shane Filan After Investment In Magic Beans Fails


FORMER Westlife singer Shane Filan is again facing financial catastrophe after plunging all his money into a scheme involving the purchase and planting of a bag of magic beans.

Filan, 35, had believed that the beans would reverse his money woes by growing into huge beanstalks which he could then sell somehow.

The singer was previously declared bankrupt in 2012 after losing €23m investing in the much sought-after Sligo property market during the Celtic Tiger years, resulting in the sale of his own €10m clifftop mansion for only €800,000.

Having embarked on a solo career following the break-up of Westlife, Filan was able to move his family back to Sligo from London, where they had moved after going bust.

Shane was said to be enjoying renewed fortunes following the release of his autobiography, although that financial stability has been thrown into question after the singer spent every cent he made from book sales on a sack of magic beans offered to him by an old man at a market.

“I was so excited to bring the beans home to my wife Gillian,” said Filan, while lifting his couch cushions to check for change.

“But she got serious thick and fucked them out the window. That’s when I thought, ‘ok, this’ll be good’ and waited until morning to see if they’d grown into a massive beanstalk that I could climb into the clouds, and get the treasure from the castle up there. But when I woke up the next day and looked out the window, there was nothing; just wet beans”.

Filan’s woes mirror those of his Westlife bandmates following the mysterious disappearance of Mark Feehily, and the merging of Kian Egan and Nicky Byrne into one indiscernible entity.