The 5 Best Amy Huberman Articles On The Irish Independent Today


IF you failed to pick up a copy of the Irish Independent or visit today, then you missed out on some of the best Amy Huberman stories that they’ve featured in at least three days.

And that's just this week!

And that’s just this week!

But fear not, because we at GASH have collated today’s five best Amy Huberman stories posted by the Independent into one handy article, almost a full hour before or get the chance!

1) Amy And Brian; Dream Date


Looking absolutely radiant as usual, Ms. Huberman and Mr. O’Driscoll enjoyed a suitably stylish dinner date in Dublin last night! The golden couple kept their Twitter and Instagram followers up to date with the trendy outing, but for those who have computers but don’t have access to those sites, the Independent ran a full article just to make sure you didn’t miss out!

2) Amy and Brian Enjoy Fantastic Meal


Later in the day, (the online edition of one of Ireland’s foremost news sources) ran a further article to stress that both Amy and Brian really had a nice time. Repeating the above photo, the article stressed that Amy smiled throughout, and she does indeed have a beautiful smile.

3) Amy Huberman Wows In Black And White Top


Subsequent articles about the couple focused on their fashion, but we narrowed this one down as being the best. Titled “Amy Wore A Black And White Top On Her Date”, the journalist went to pains to describe Amy’s black and white top for the benefit of people who can read text but can’t see pictures.

4) Hands Under Chin: 60 Reasons We Love This Picture


In a rare example of lazy journalism by the Indo, the author of this piece was only able to conjure up 60 reasons why they loved this picture of Amy, where there are clearly at least 75. Nevertheless, it was a worthy addition to the newspaper on an otherwise slow news day.

5) Amy Huberman: Just So Fucking Lovely


Easily one of the better Amy Huberman articles on the Independent website today. “Amy Huberman; Just so fucking lovely” was a 600 word masterpiece, gushing about how wonderful it is to live in the same world as Amy Huberman, and how unworthy we all are to breathe the same air she does.

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