3 Ireland Celebrate Purchase Of O2 By Upping Prices For Everyone


HOT on the heels of their €850 million acquisition of the O2 network in Ireland, 3 Ireland have rewarded the new customers they have gained with a hike in their bills.

“We just weren’t sure how to tell our new customers, we really valued them,” a spokesperson for the mobile network told WWN, “but then one of the guys in the office suggested upping the price for their existing service and in fairness we were all like ‘oh my God, why didn’t I think of that?'”

3 Ireland has assured customers of O2 Ireland at the time of the purchase that they would go on to have the same great service and needn’t worry any big changes.

“Ah now, you can’t possibly expect us to remember everything we said, can you?” added the 3 Ireland spokesman.

The price increase for ‘sim-only’ customers comes in at over €5 with 3 Ireland justifying the increase by pointing out customers would still get warning texts, alerting them to The Script playing the 3 Arena in order to help people avoid the area on the night.

3 Ireland also explained that they had sent a flurry of text messages explaining the changes to customers’ bills, but denied sending several photos of employees rolling around in piles of cash.

With this latest price hike Irish mobile former O2 customers are facing the terrifying prospect of switching to the Tesco phone network.