The 5 Essential Tips To Consider When Attempting Your Own Dental Work


SO often people spend too much money on their health care as an alternative to waiting years to be seen through State healthcare model. However, WWN is here to tell you there is a third often forgotten about alternative called ‘do it yourself’.

This week we focus on the simply discipline of dentistry which so-called would have you believe is incredibly complex and therefore necessarily expensive. It is simply not true.

1) The classic tip may appear to be the humble string tied to a door handle and your tooth, but this method isn’t even used by affordable dentists in Bulgaria anymore. There is no two ways about it the hammer is the one enduring and flexible tool all home dentistry enthusiasts need. Is it a bit sensitive when you eat ice-cream? Take a hammer to the sensitive area and be in pain no more!

2) That evil beast known as sugar is everywhere these days, leading home dentistry experts even speculate it is in the air we breath, waiting to enter your mouth at any moment but how can we combat this? Cover your teeth and the entirety of your gums with industrial strength masking tape. I know, it seems so obvious now but eating your food will now involve zero sugar exposure.

3) Do you have a favourite tooth? One that stands out from the crowd, but sadly is hanging on for dear life? Glue is your only man! Apply it to the gum and fix the tooth down for several minutes, if you feel a searing, burning pain ignore it that just means it is working. It’s the tip all dentists hate their prospective customers discovering.

4) Can’t afford braces and self-conscious about your teeth’s appearance? It’s time to print off a set of famous celebrity teeth from the internet! This tip truly works wonders, especially if you laminate the printed sheet. Unfortunately, there is a drawback with this particular tip, which makes talking difficult, but who needs to talk when you’ve got that smile?

5) Have years of neglect left your teeth in tatters, but you can’t afford dentures? This might just be the tip for you. Visit your nearest care home for the elderly and befriend an aged person with a similar looking mouth to your own (this is easier than it sounds). When they pass away, be sure to take those dentures from their mouth before getting the nurse’s attention. This tip is for those with patience but it does really pay off!