Supermac’s Agrees To Change Its Name To ‘Go Fuck Yourself Ronald’


FOLLOWING attempts by fast-food giants McDonald’s to block moves to register the ‘Supermac’s’ trademark in the EU, the Irish company have agreed to change its name to ‘Go Fuck Yourself Ronald’, and will begin opening restaurants in Britain towards the end of the year.

McDonald’s had lodged a 41-page objection to Supermac’s using its company name in Europe, claiming that by using the name ‘Supermac’s’ the chain would take unfair advantage of the “distinctive character and repute” of McDonald’s own trademarks.

To avoid any further legal hassle, the Galway-based group will now operate under its new name, with the first Go Fuck Yourself Ronald set to open in London in mid-November.

“It’s the same Supermac’s you know and love, just with a slightly different name,” said Seamus O’Malley, spokesperson for Go Fuck Yourself Ronald.

“We went through a few names before deciding that Go Fuck Yourself Ronald was the one which best suited the mood at the moment. Customers across Europe can now look forward to the same great experience Irish customers enjoy on All-Ireland final day, or after a feed of pints on a Tuesday”.

In addition to the name-change, many of the products available to customers have had to assume new identities in order to fall in with McDonald’s strict copyright laws. From September, the Mighty-Mac burger will now be known as the ‘Greedy American Pricks’, and Chicken Nuggets will be re-titled ‘Creepy Paedo Clowns’.