Local Hipster Agonising Over What Opinion He’ll Take On ‘Better Call Saul’


GALWAY native Geoff Tynan is believed to be on the verge of a panic attack following the release of Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul, WWN can reveal.

Geoff, an avid Breaking Bad fan who definitely began watching the hugely popular show before you, is unsure as to which opinion to take on new show Better Call Saul.

Tragically for hipsters everywhere the show occupies a unique place in the cultural pantheon, having already been warmly received by critics while also being a cash-in on an already established brand.

“If I come out and say it’s shite, but it turns out to be good I’ll look a fool, but then it is sort of cool to like unpopular things. I’m struggling to be honest,” Geoff explained to WWN as he agonised over formulating a tweet containing the hashtag #BetterCallSaul.

While the 27-year-old barista has no urgent intention to watch the show he did admit it was important to get your opinion out into the public sphere early and hopefully first.

“I’m kind of a go-to guy for pop culture recommendations and the like, mostly on things I haven’t bothered to check out myself, but it’s important to be able to say ‘their limited edition EP is their best work’ or ‘no, no Mean Streets is Scorcese’s best film’.

Geoff gained notoriety in Galway after sharing his love for Jack White’s ‘latest side-project’ back in the mid 2000s.

“Yeah, I didn’t even know he had started a band, The Raconteurs, I just sort of got lucky with that one. Sometimes it pays to go balls out with the bullshit,” Geoff admitted.

However, since Better Call Saul has arrived on a wave of anticipation Geoff has no surprise to spring on unsuspecting TV viewers friends.

“Fuck it! I need to form an opinion on it before my mate Frankie does, if he gets in ahead of me it’s no use having one at all,” Geoff said, visibly worried.

“Eh, right, fuck it, it’s better than Breaking Bad, there! I tweeted it, no going back now. It’s fucking cooler than Breaking Bad,” Geoff added with little conviction in his voice.

The Galway man is expected to spend the rest of the day deciding which largely unloved and ignored singer from the 90s deserves a sarcastic and ironically fueled resurgence in popularity.