Woman On A&E Trolley For 53 Hours Really Hopes Varadkar Finds That Special Guy



AN ELDERLY lady who has been lying on a trolley in Drogheda Accident & Emergency since the early hours of Saturday morning has expressed her admiration for Leo Varadkar, after the Fine Gael TD came out as a gay man over the weekend.

Margaret Dowling, 73, read about the Minister For Health’s announcement on the front cover of every national newspaper this morning, as she waited to be treated for an as-yet-undiagnosed case of severe abdominal pain.

Varadkar, who inherited Ireland’s disgraceful health service in a cabinet reshuffle last year and has yet to implement any worthwhile reforms, announced on Miriam O’Callaghan’s Sunday Radio 1 show that he was a gay man, to a chorus of so-whats from the majority of the population.

Reading the news for the first time while lying end-to-end on trolleys in the corridors of just one of the country’s critically over-crowded and underfunded hospitals, Mrs. Dowling expressed her admiration for the Dublin West TD, and hopes that he finds “someone nice to settle down with”.

“He seems like a nice enough lad, that Varadkar, I hope he finds a fella that will look after him right,” said the grandmother of four, in between bouts of passing out from excruciating stomach agony.

“There’s a nephew of mine that would suit him down to the ground, they’re about the same age. But sure Leo has his pick of the lads now, he’s a catch. Handsome lad, looks after himself, plus you’d have security for life with the government job too”.

As Mrs. Dowling and the 562 other patients on A & E trolleys at the minute went back to waiting on badly needed medical care, Taoiseach Enda Kenny expressed his admiration for Minister Varadkar, adding that if any other members of his cabinet wanted to come out as gay, the resulting media distraction from the sorry state of the government would be hugely welcomed.