‘Variety Of Available Parking Swung It For Me,’ Confirms D’Arcy


ray d'arcy

NEWLY reunited with his once former employers RTÉ, Ray D’Arcy confirmed to WWN this morning that his motivation for making the move back to the state broadcaster all hinged on getting a decent parking space.

“Ah, traffic is always cat around town,” D’Arcy explained, confirming what many people had suspected for a long time – the man knows his Dublin city centre traffic.

The salubrious surroundings of RTÉ’s D4 Donnybrook base are a world away from Digges Lane where the Today FM offices are situated, with parking, easy to come by, now former Today FM host D’Arcy admitted the decision was a no-brainer.

“I’m not a jealous man by any means, but the thought that the likes of Tubridy, Mooney and Whelan could just drive into work at any time and have a space waiting for them, well, it got to me,” D’Arcy admitted from the comfort of a bathtub in his Dublin home.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I parked in a disabled spot on Stephen’s Green and had to pretend to have a very pronounced limp so no one gave out,” he added.

Despite insisting the move had nothing to do with a step up in pay, this reporter couldn’t help but notice there was no water in the tub, with D’Arcy’s modesty only protected by a series of carefully arranged five euro notes.

“When I start in RTÉ, I’ll probably change these fivers to tenners but as I said it’s not about the money,” he confirmed.

D’Arcy’s passion for radio is only matched by his passion for ideal and stress free parking arrangements, a love that was sparked by the filming of a ‘Learn To Drive’ guide back in 1992.

“Look some people won’t understand. They’ll say ‘oh surely he’s gone there because of the free cocaine and chocolate hob knobs in the canteen’ or ‘Sharon Ní Bheolain’ but I just love a good parking space and I think I’m Marty Whelan’s one which is about 13 feet from the front door. 13 feet, the stuff of dreams,” D’Arcy concluded as he began pouring a fresh bucket of five euro notes into the tub.