Gardaí Called To Scene Of Robbery As Man Is Charged €80 For Christmas Tree


christmas tree
GARDAÍ were said to have needed treatment for shock when they attended the scene of a violent robbery earlier this morning.

Waterford City, known universally as a city of peace and love, devolved into regretful scenes as local man Thomas Dully was robbed blind by Christmas tree seller Anthony Redmond.

Dully, a father-of-three, spoke to WWN as he was tended to by paramedics.

“I was there with my youngest Shona, and next thing I know there’s 80 euro missing from my wallet,” the shivering wreck of a man shared with WWN as he lay on his side.

“You know, you go out to buy a tree, like every other year and you don’t think something like this would or could happen,” he added as his worried daughter looked on.

“Don’t worry love, Daddy’s fine,” he added as he was hoisted onto a stretcher and placed in the back of an ambulance.

Gardaí were too shaken up to speak with the media, but a spokesperson later added that it was ‘one of the most disturbing incidents of 2014’.

WARNING, some readers may find the following passages upsetting.

It is believed the tree seller Redmond had shown his victim several trees before attacking him with a price list which had an €80 tree as the cheapest option available.

Redmond stated that the tree was a ‘Norwegian pine’ with ‘great pedigree’ but WWN later learned that these two phrases are utterly meaningless and are only used as a ruse in order to make customers feel inadequate. It is thought this was not the first time Redmond has assaulted one of his customers, thieving €80 for each tree sold over the weekend.

The criminal was heard shouting “I’m not a bad man” by some witnesses as he was arrested, but legal experts believe he will spend the remainder of his life behind bars.

It is expected that he will face a heavier sentence than others who commit similar crimes as Redmond didn’t even throw in a stand for the tree for free.