Newly Single Waterford Man Open To Dating Someone Who Will Piss Off Ex-Girlfriend



NEWLY single Waterford native Gary Logan has confirmed he is interested in dating a woman who only possesses qualities that will infuriate his ex-girlfriend, Aine.

“Ah myself and Aine just didn’t work out, but these things happen and we’re both okay with it which isn’t always the case so I’m thankful for that,” admitted Gary as he surveyed the women at his local pub Maguires.

“I’m looking to get straight back to dating to be honest and I’m fairly certain I know what type of girl I’m interested in,” he added while ordering his first pint of the evening, “since I’m looking for someone different to Aine my opening line is now ‘what is 32 and 47 equal to?’ and if they get that wrong we’re onto a winner”.

Gary maintained that one of his best qualities during his time as boyfriend to Aine was his listening.

“Ah, I was a great listener so I was, no matter what she said it all sunk into the noggin’ here and I never forget it,” he said as he took a break from chatting up a young one.

“Is Aine different from the girls in here tonight? Yeah, I suppose, but I don’t think she’d be annoyed by me chatting to girls who have too much make up and tan on as well as eyebrows which make them look permanently shocked even if they are the exact qualities she detested in women,” Gary added while checking his watch.

“Jaysus it’d be around this time Aine would drop in for a drink with her work mates. I’d imagine she would be absolutely fine with me talking to Crystal here. Did you know Crystal thought Martin Luther King was an actually King, isn’t that gas?” Gary asked.

“And it’s not that Crystal here doesn’t know they know the capital city of Belgium, it’s actually the concept of capital cities she’s having the real problem with,” Gary added as Aine entered the bar.

Gary’s decision to begin kissing Crystal at this precise moment had nothing to do with Aine’s appearance, WWN can confirm.