JobBridge Intern’s Latest Coffee Run His Best Yet


JOBBRIDGE intern Kevin Murray has received mixed, to lukewarm praise for his latest coffee run.

The former media studies student left his post on reception and ran to the local cafe in his usual blind sense of panic and fear, shaving as much as 12 seconds off his previous best time of seven minutes.

Kevin continues to learn about every facet of the journalism trade with his thrice daily coffee runs being no exception. The modern newsroom is a highly pressurised environment and Kevin is now fully aware of this thanks to the continued threats of terminating his internship made by WWN editor Paddy Browne.

Soy Latte man Paddy Browne continues to instill a sense of achievement in Kevin by gently eviscerating the masters degree holder and JobBridge intern on the occasions he fails to bring back the 14 unique coffee orders without any mistakes.

Kevin, upon his return from Tres Joli cafe, was greeted with a number of phrases which indicated WWN staff were not unhappy with the temperature of their coffees, although all staff stopped short of reimbursing Kevin for the money spent.

It is to his great credit that Kevin continues to excel in the essential field of coffee-getting but Browne could not let the fact the men’s toilet was clogged again go unpunished.

Kevin was deducted this week’s generous €50 additional payment and accordingly made his apology to staff, with no clothes on from the rooftop, as the WWN office charter dictates.