Anti-Racism March In Waterford Followed By Anti-Anti-Racism March



TEMPERS and tensions continue to flare here in Waterford as local communities assert their right to be racist as other assert their right not to be racist.

Despite concerns from local Waterford City councillors, who suggested an anti-racism march might force them to actually confront the problem, the protests went ahead with crowds marching against racism.

However, Waterford’s worst fears were realised as a ‘protest-off’ has developed.

“We’ve seen this elsewhere in the world. New York had it with the issue of gay marriage and equality whereby the sides for and against kept protesting, in an effort to have the final say,” explained worried Councilor John Finley from the Politicians Before People Party.

Directly after the anti-racism protest came to a conclusion a separate anti-anti-racism protest occurred nearby.

“This protesting lark is spiralling out of control, these people need to think of the wider community,” explained the head of the latest group to get involved in the worsening crisis Conor Tracey, “that’s why I set up the anti-protest protest group”.

Each side of the Roma debate in Waterford now waits patiently for the opposite side to finish a protest so they can start a counter protest, with the full damage to civil society quite evident.

“I don’t really talk anymore, I just put up what I’m thinking on a placard and walk around for the day, I’m losing my fucking mind,” added serial protester Gillian Comerford.

As anti-racism campaigners stay up around the clock to combat anti-anti-racism protesters, many are struggling to maintain their hold on reality.

“Axe the tax, no way we won’t pay, I think I left the keys in the front door, equality for all, fuck the lot of ya,” screamed one protester, who was so deprived of sleep, he seemed to be giving out about just anything that came to mind.

Gardaí also reported minor scuffles between the two warring sides as several mad bastards fought over who had the best ‘careful now’ and ‘down with this sort of thing’ signs.