Top Ten Michael Collins Quotes


These are the ten most memorable Michael Collins quotes according to a 1998 historical survey report carried out by Historians Ireland. According to the publication’s editors, “We were looking for quotations that were accessible and that had popular appeal on a global scale.”

10.“A post office! Yeah, great fucking move lads.”

– Shortly after 1916 rising

9.  “Whassssssuuuup!!!!”

– Session in Cork 1902

8. “What do you mean handball? I’m hardly just going to kick it around the field like a dope.”

– Charity 7-a-side soccer game in London against British ministers 1921

7. “I dunno, these English lads are starting to grow on me.”

– To a friend in 1918

6. “Aw man, did you see the tits on that one? She must have to tuck them into her socks.”

– Walking down O’Connell Street 1911

5. “Any of ye know what Sinn Féin means? I got some press gowl on the phone asking.”

–  Recorded in safe-house 1918

4. “What you mean you have no Beamish lad? What kind of fucking langers nest is this?”

– Celebrating first Dáil in Dublin 1918

3. “Bloody Sunday!? I dunno. How about Black Sabbath? It kind of has a ring to it like.”

– Writing a press release during the war of Independence.

2. “Well, that was easy.”

– Shortly after signing truce.

1. “In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to travel in the open top.”

– Last known words of Michael Collins