Which Love/Hate Character Are You?



Fancy yourself as a bit of a Nidge, Fran, Elmo or the rest of the gang whose names escape me right now, well look no further than WWN’s epic and lol-tastic Love/Hate love-in.

Read on to find out which Love/Hate character you are:

1. Have you murdered a dentist?

You have? Well then, I guess you have the banter bragging rights among your friends as you are Fran the man! Well done and our sincere condolences to the family of the murdered dentist.

2. Have you thrown a pipe bomb into the house of a dear friend lately, horribly disfiguring his wife and ultimately leading to her suicide?

If this is you well then you have a bit of the Nidge weasel in you!

3. Do you have piercing blue eyes? Are you the attractive face of Dublin crime gangs that, try at they might, prevents lustful women from seeing the true horrors of the violence you dole out in the capital’s communities?

Well double check your birth certificate because I bet it says Darren on it, lol. It doesn’t? Sorry maybe your Elmo.

4. Are you having awful troubling using your legs? Are you dead?

Someone is a right Dano, that’s for certain. IRA membership is a must here too.

5. Do you hate having fun and live for ruining other people’s buzzes?

Ah you’re one of the shitebag Garda blokes so, Detective Mick you fucking killjoy.

6. Fizzy orange?

LOL with a side order of extra LOL sauce. You’re Tommy.