Julian Assange Hologram Arrested



THE HOLOGRAM of 43-year-old founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested today following a daring appearance at The Nantucket Project – a Massachusetts conference similar to TED talks.

American police stormed the event shortly after Mr. Assange finished addressing the audience about his life in asylum, which he claimed makes it difficult to do his work finding sources willing to divulge documents.

“Julian finished and there was a loud flash bang,” recalled one eyewitness. “Police burst in through the doors and told everyone to get on the ground. I heard several shots fired, but I don’t think anyone was hurt”.

Leading the operation, officer Chad Chadson confirmed the shots were fired at Mr. Assange’s hologram as a “precaution”, claiming that this type of sting was the first of its kind to be ever carried out in the United States.

“Holograms are unknown territory for us so we had to be brutal with our approach,” said Chadson, “we apprehended the suspect hologram at nineteen hundred hours and transported it to a local military base for processing. We cannot divulge any more intel on the matter as it could pose a danger to national security”.

Police said they were tipped off about Mr. Assange’s hologram after a female member of staff at the event reported being “groped” by the three-dimensional image backstage.

The real Mr Assange, who is currently under asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, is wanted by Swedish authorities over similar accusations made by two females there.