Large Increase Of Euro Coins Appearing In Households Nationwide


REPORTS are flooding in on social media platforms about a large increase of Euro coins appearing in and around homes over the past number of weeks.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been inundated with posts from a shocked public, at finding the coins in their houses on a near daily basis from the start of September.

Although the denomination can vary, most reports are of €1 and €2 coins appearing on windowsills, in bath tubs, and on the floor. A lot of posts have expressed concern over the matter, with “OMG look at what I found in my fuckin house this morning” is the most common caption on tweeted pictures.

Chief economists have rushed to explain the widespread infestations, with many remarking that Euro coins have been in short supply since the recession, but are slowly creeping into peoples houses as the economy recover. More have proposed that the Euro coins are as abundant as they’ve ever been, and that people have just remarked on them in the absence of anything else to talk about.

If you should happen to find a Euro coin in or around your house, make sure to approach it slowly. Take a photo of it and post it to a social media platform of your choice. Placing a spider beside the coin is a helpful tip, to give people a sense of the size of the coin.