Fans Of Bad Fashion Choices Glued To Ryder Cup This Weekend


2006 Ryder Cup Final Day

FANS of the world of horrifically unfashionable clothes will be keeping a close on the action at the year’s Ryder Cup as it is expected that at the very least, one of either the US or European teams will commit grave crimes against fashion.

Traditionally, players are dressed in unsightly and unsettling patterns that make use of the stars and stripes of the US flag or the stars on the flag of the European Union.

“I think it’s fair to say checkered patterns have their place in golf,” explained fashion blogger and Ryder Cup bad fashion enthusiast Clay DeMore, “but I’m most excited at the possibility of having my eyes violently assaulted by a designer who should know better”.

While to a layman it might sound, frankly silly that a clothes manufacturer could make something hideous and visually nauseating, but that is exactly what happened at past Ryder Cups.

Many golf fans find the Ryder Cup experience marred by the anxiety they experience at the thought of potentially horrid fashion choices, but hardcore bad fashion-loving fans continue to enjoy what is one their most anticipated occasion on the worst fashion calendar.

Most memorably, the European team of 2006 wore salmon coloured blazers and were successfully sued by an American spectator in the crowd.

Bill Hillderd was paid €4.5 million in damages after he reportedly lost the will to live after setting his eyes on the pink-pretending-it’s-salmon blazers.

“I still wake up from nightmares about that day,” Bill told WWN. The brave sports fan also revealed he has never spotted vomiting since the incident in 2006.

Bill was of course one of the lucky ones, but sadly in 1999 close to 50 people had heart attacks after seeing the US outfits. The golfing fraternity continues to remain silent on one of its biggest tragedies.