Local Man Refuses To Cancel Netflix Despite Never Watching It


IN WHAT has become the latest documented case of Netflix Membership Addiction, a Kildare man has admitted he is utterly unable to unsubscribe from the movies and TV streaming service despite never using it to watch anything.

At a cost of just €7.99 per month, Netflix offers users a wide range of movies and TV shows, available to stream to your TV or mobile at the press of a button. As well as content from several major studios, Netflix offers a range of exclusive content such as the Emmy Award winning House of Cards, and the critically acclaimed Orange Is The New Black.

However, most people blow through the best content that Netflix has to offer during binge-watching sessions in the first few months, leaving very little to entertain them in the following months. Although Netflix does not enforce a minimum subscription period, most customers will be hesitant to cancel their accounts even if they have stopped using the service.

Speaking to WWN, Paul Kearney, a self-confessed Netflix Membership Addict, spoke of the crippling paralysis that sweeps over him every time he attempts to unsign from the online service.

“Even though I haven’t turned it on since Breaking Bad finished, I can’t bring myself to cancel it, ” said Kearney, speaking from his home in Kildare town. “There’s €7.99 coming out of my account every month, and although I’m trying to cut costs at home I always find myself saying fuck it, it’s only eight quid like”.

“I’ll have a look at the Netflix menu whenever there’s nothing on telly, but to be honest, there’s nothing but shite on it. When I signed up first I was blown away by the selection, but after a few months, there’s just the kind of rubbish you’d find in a DVD bin in Dealz for a euro. I watched House of Cards in a day and OITNB over a weekend, leaving nothing left”.

“Sometimes I’ll sign in on a Saturday night and just spend the whole evening trying to find something to watch. I’ll be like oh, they’ve got The Hobbit, but I’m not in the mood to watch it now. I keep adding stuff to my list but never watching anything, then I’ll just switch it off and go to bed”.

Kearney is one of thousands nationwide who have tried and failed to unsubscribe from Netflix. The phenomenon can be attributed to the low price tag, a fear of missing out, and the fact that nobody is entirely sure just how to cancel their membership in the first place.