RTÉ Admit Ryan Tubridy Action Figures ‘A Mistake’


SENIOR RTÉ staff have exclusively admitted to WWN that their decision to launch a Ryan Tubridy action figure was misguided and ‘a mistake’.

ken_doll_betchInitially retailing at €300 per unit, RTÉ had given the green light to produce over 200,000 Tubridy action figures.

“We wrongly thought it would be a big seller ahead of Christmas,” explained an RTÉ insider who wished to remain anonymous, “what with all the positive feedback from last year’s Late Late Toy Show we thought we could enter the toy market ourselves”.

The insider then went on to use business terms such as ‘synergy’, ‘at this juncture’ and ‘scope’ which only 43 people on Earth, including Warren Buffett, understand.

The retail price now of €20 seems affordable but the one major stumbling block to the toy’s success so far, according to a child focus group, is that it ‘doesn’t have lasers for eyes’ and ‘doesn’t blow things up’.

RTÉ have ruled out producing a toy replica of the Late Late Show studio in which the Tubridy 3000 can freely destroy and cause havoc.

“We’ve had some image right issues with some of the bigger guests Ryan has interviewed, the only guest who was willing to allow herself to be turned into toy form was Twink and I’m not even sure how she found out about it because we hadn’t told anyone at that stage,” added the insider.

This latest venture into the toy market contrasts poorly with previous attempts such as the Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny toys which sell for upwards of €2,000 on Ebay if they are in their original packaging.