Tens Of People Expected To Tune In For Fair City Anniversary Episode Tonight


YOU may be fooled into thinking this is a screenshot from Michael Bay’s next big movie, but you would be wrong. This is actually a photograph from the set of Fair City’s 25th anniversary episode, which will air tonight.

With a budget of just over €15mn, tonight’s dramatic episode is expected to reel in tens of people from across the country.

“This is going to be bigger than anything Eastenders or Coronation street has done before,” said producer Teresa Smith. “We even blow up a Volkswagen Golf, donated to us by cameraman Jerry Murphy after it failed the NCT last week”.

“The episode is expected to break all Irish rating figures,” she added.

The Plot

Carol and Dan are forced into a dangerous decision when Dan’s car breaks down on the street. Weighing up the options he decides to set the car alight and claim the insurance instead of spending the money to fix it in a garage. They both run from the scene and report the car stolen.

Insurance investigators are later called and there is a ten minute scene dedicated to Dan filling out a lengthy insurance form. Upon getting the form stamped in the local Garda station, he realises he has forgotten his photo ID and has to make a dramatic bus ride home in rush hour traffic.

Following another ten minute scene of Dan searching for his passport, we are then brought on a roller-coaster ride of emotions when he hails a cab, only to find he now forgot his wallet. What will happen next?

Who knows.

Fair City RTE One 8pm