21 Signs That You Are A Hipster When It Comes To Food And Drink



Thankfully the dark days in Ireland when a man or a woman would eat a meal without first taking a photo of it are long gone. WWN celebrates the proud tradition that is being a food hipster. Here are the 21 signs that you are totes a food and drink hipster!

1. You have found an additional use for a cucumber outside of shoving it up your arse.

2. You are far more interested in Kale than in the health of your ailing father who misses you terribly. You should really visit him and not the artisan bakery you pretend to like.

3. You have read more articles on craft beers than on current affairs and this is something you’re vaguely proud of.

4. Oops, I’ve only got the lobster in the fridge, guess I’m slumming it tonight. Dictionary definition food hipster.

5. You continue to lie about enjoying several plainly ridiculous meals.

6. You described the potato as a ‘vintage’ vegetable.

7. You are the Mini Cooper Countryman of people.

8. Yes, carry on pretending to correctly pronounce the name of that white wine from Chile. And pronounce Chile ‘chay lay’ you great big bollocks.

9. Putting on your novelty Elton John glasses to pretend to read the menu.

10. You call dessert ‘post-meal confections’. Classic.

11. Finding the perfect coffee is more important to you than actual important things.

12. You take photos of every trendy meal, then bin it, and carry on eating your takeaway.

13. – 21. You are truly insufferable.