NRA Calls For Tougher Gun Instructors



THE National Rifle Association of America has called on US shooting ranges to employ tougher gun instructors to deal with inexperienced children wishing to use military weapons, it has been revealed today.

The request comes just 24 hours after a 9-year-old girl accidentally killed Arizona shooting instructor, Charles Vacca, as he was showing her how to use an automatic Uzi.

Mr Vacca was stood next to the child, who had fired the weapon a number of times in the “single-shot” mode, but when it was switched into “fully-automatic” the weapon recoiled as the girl fired the trigger hitting Vacca in the face.

“Weak fleshed gun instructors are ruining America’s reputation as the home of safe gun control,” said NRA President, James W. Porter. “Yesterday’s tragedy shows the importance of having tougher gun instructors on our rifle ranges. Puny faces should not be employed to deal with young children.”

Most shooting ranges in America have an age limit of six months or over, and have to adhere to strict safety rules when teaching children to shoot lethal weapons. Due to outdated laws,  any US citizen can apply to be a gun instructor, regardless of how tough they actually are.