Designer Of Leaky Stainless Steel Teapot Arrested For Crimes Against Humanity In Argentina



THE International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) has today confirmed the arrest of 67-year-old Lawrence Richardson – inventor of the faulty stainless steel teapot – after a twenty five year investigation into his crimes against humanity.

Mr. Richardson was apprehended in his Buenos Aires mansion at 03:30 this morning after his maid provided a tip off as to his whereabouts.

“I recognised his picture on the Interpol website,” said Maria Perez Gomez, who worked part-time for Richardson for four years. “He would always insist that I used a leaky steel pot when pouring his tea every morning. He used to laugh every time it spilled. I never understood his humour. When I think back on it now it makes me sick.”

The English born inventor is believed to have created and patented the faulty metal teapot in 1984. Being the first to patent a teapot design, Richardson became public enemy number one for everyone working in the service and hospitality industry.

“We were not allowed to use any other pot because of his patent,” explained local hotel restaurant manager Mike Folan. “No matter what way you try to pour it, it spills over and onto the table. That man deserves the death penalty for what he did.”

Mr. Richardson was transferred to a Buenos Aires jail pending extradition to the UK. Due to poor diplomatic relations in the past, he will be the first English man to be extradited from Argentina in 200 years.

After a 1987 investigation into the faulty tea-pot patent, Mr. Richardson was found to have purposely created the design flaw for the purposes of his own amusement following the discovery of blueprints outlining the leaky spout. He later absconded to South America after an arrest warrant was issued by the Queen herself.

“James Richardson is a sick and evil man and we hope justice will prevail upon his extradition to the UK,” said an Argentinian Police chief. “Normally we wouldn’t agree to this, but this sick bastard deserves everything he gets.”

The steel teapot inventor is expected to stand trial in the UK next month and faces life imprisonment for crimes against humanity.