Kim Jong-un ‘Hacked’ US Hypersonic Weapon Launch, Claims State Media



THE NORTH Korean central news agency has reported today that supreme leader Kim Jong-un personally “hacked” and “sabotaged” the launch of a US hypersonic weapon in Alaska on Monday.

The sophisticated weapon, developed by the U.S. military, was reportedly programmed to ‘self-destruct’ four seconds after its launch by the 31-year-old from his presidential palace in Pyongyang.
“Dear leader spent four minutes hacking into the Americans weak military system using a state of the art Commodore computer system.” stated an NK news report. “Once inside, he managed to access and self destruct the mechanism by sending a complex code he created. The foolish Americans had no idea what happened to their flimsy weapon. They now only wonder at the mightiness of our leaders’ ability to intercept their ongoing war efforts.”

The hypersonic weapon is part of a program to create a missile that will destroy targets anywhere on Earth within an hour of getting data and permission to launch.

However, the North Korean news agency reported that it’s military already had the ability to send an atomic bomb anywhere in the world in less than five minutes if necessary.

“The west is now afraid of our capabilities and president Obama has asked our dear leader for forgiveness.” read the female news reporter. “Dear leader has turned down the request and warned that he will not tolerate anymore missile testing without his permission.”