Basking Shark Bitten By Corkman



There was panic in the waters off the coast of the Rebel County yesterday when a basking shark was bitten by a rogue Corkman as horrified kayakers and swimmers looked on helplessly.

Although the 12 foot vegetarian sharks are common in the Cape Clear area, yesterday’s attack is the first recorded incident of one of them being attacked, and has spurned officials to erect signs warning of the danger posed by dangerous Corkonians.

“Attacks on sharks by people from Cork are extremely rare” said maritime wildlife expert Roy Brody. “What happened yesterday was far from normal as sharks usually enter these waters without incident, particularly in weather like this. People from Cork are fierce territorial, so we can only assume the man lashed out at what he perceived to be some shark langer encroaching on his turf”.

The shark was last night recuperating in Cork University Hospital after suffering from bite and headbutt based injuries which are not said to be life threatening. The attack has led to an increased vigilance among the shark community, leading to Brody issuing the following advice.

“You don’t have to see a Corkman for him to see you” said Brody, Munster’s leading Corkman expert.

“An angry Corkman can sense a quarehawk from a mile away. If you are attacked, you may be able to escape by distracting the Corkonian with talk of Hillbillys chicken, or the Saipan incident, but be aware that if you don’t make a clean getaway the Corkman may be angrier than before”.