Tax Evading Company To Employ Some More Locals Here For A Bit



Good news for Irish jobs yet again as the Government have come out from under a rock somewhere to announce 400 PayPal jobs for Ireland.

Ministers in attendance stressed they weren’t being held to ransom by a number of multinationals despite several guns visible in PayPal’s hands.

“It’s a long term commitment to Ireland and a testament to the workers here. PayPal and the rest of the companies are here to stay in Ireland forever provided they can still exploit our taxation laws,” a candid Richard Bruton said.

“Once we change those in any way they will of course stick it out and reiterate of how great the locals are,” Bruton said while stifling laughter.

Ireland’s corporation tax continues to be of concern for other governments around the world as well as the Irish public with many perceiving that companies are exploiting loopholes in order to reduce their level of profit subject to tax here.

The coalition Government have countered criticism by pointing out that those employed by multinationals ‘based’ here provide ample tax contributions through income tax and several thousand other stealth taxes.

Despite these claims Bruton admitted the Government could attempt to revise taxation in an effort to close loopholes, but before he could finish his sentence a member of PayPal’s management team placed their finger on his lips and said ‘shush’. The PayPal employee then went on to pat him on the head and say ‘silly boy’.