Self Driving Car Will Only Be Available To Google Plus Members



INTERNET giant Google has announced today that its own design for self-driving cars, which will drive people around without a steering wheel or pedals, will only be available to Google plus users for the foreseeable future.

The company also revealed that passengers will be “bombarded” with Google plus pop up screen will appear every five minutes on the passenger side windscreen, in a bid to expand their social network site.

“Owning a Google plus account will be mandatory for anyone wishing to buy the car.” said CEO Larry Page. “Passenger features like electric windows and seatbelts will only be made available to them if they sign up with our plus social network.”

However, motor safety enthusiasts believe the compulsory sign up before being able to avail of a seatbelt could be dangerous in the long-term, if passengers refuse to agree to the terms and conditions.

“What if someone doesn’t want to sign up with Google plus and there is an accident?” asked one concerned motorist. “They could be killed or even seriously injured. It just doesn’t seem right.”

Google added that side air-bags will be fitted as standard in all their cars, regardless if the passengers are signed up with them or not.”

Other features of the car include a password ignition, 30 days free anti-virus and anti-freeze trial and a fully customisable dash board.