Republican Band Write Over 400 Ballads About Gerry Adams



REPUBLICAN ska-band ‘Feeling IRA Man’ have made a touching tribute to interned Sinn Féin fabulist Gerry Adams by writing 400 individual ballads about his wrongful imprisonment at the hands of the PSNI.

Lead singer and writer with the band Martin O’Dowd admitted to crying several times while writing touching tributes such as ‘What Would Gerry Do’, ‘Free Beard-Face’, ‘Free The Forgetful One’, ‘Gerry Cries Alone’, ‘Whose Gonna Feed Snowie Now?’ and possibly most touching of all ‘Very Scary For Our Gerry’.

“Hardline republicans are usually known for things other than crying, but it is pretty much all I did yesterday,” shared Martin, “Gerry has always been my muse but I went into overdrive after all this hubbub”.

Many involved with Sinn Féin have had positive feedback for Martin and his band regarding their raising awareness for Gerry’s plight through the power of song, joining a rich tradition of protest singers including Bob Dylan, Christy Moore and Cliff Richard.

Feeling IRA Man choose to release ‘Very Scary For Our Gerry’ as a single and have been overwhelmed by the response.

“We’re number 374 in the charts. I just hope Gerry has a radio on in the police station and they play it, it will give him hope,” Martin added.

While relatively simplistic in its composition, the song is highly emotive with heartbreaking lines such as ‘Gerry, Mandela and Ghandi, down the Falls taking it handy’.

While it is too early to tell if these 400 songs will enter the great Irish songbook it is clear the band’s new album ‘Spit On Me Gerry’ will be a hit throughout Ireland.

If you wish to send a message of support to Gerry Adams TD he can be reached here: