Scientists Predict Smartphone With 3 Hour Plus Battery Life By 2134


SCIENTISTS IN the US have predicted that a smartphone battery capable of charging handsets for more than three hours at a time may be made available by the year 2134.

The announcement came at an annual meeting of tech minds in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay yesterday evening.

Currently it is impossible to operate an up-to-date smartphone for more than an hour on one battery, something which has been agitating users for years.

“I bring my charger everywhere,” said iPhone user Carol Davidson. “If I don’t use it at all I might get a good two and a half hours out of it. I’m forever sticking my plug into random people’s sockets. It’s quite embarrassing at this stage.”

Smartphone batteries have remained limited over the last decade, and are not expected to advance for at least another 120 years, scientists at the conference confirmed.

“Technology is moving so fast that we have forgotten to invent a reliable power source to match the roaming demand for energy,” Professor David Greene told WWN earlier. “It will take billions of euros worth of research to come up with something doable. For the moment, people will just have to continue recharging their mobiles on-the-go.”

“In fact, they should be re-named ‘Immobile Phones’,” he joked nerdily, snorting loudly while he laughed.