Leonardo DiCaprio Wanted By Police In Connection With Oscar Theft



Last night in Los Angeles the glitzy world of showbiz descended on Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre for the annual Academy Awards. The Oscars, as it has come to be known, rewards the best movie productions of the past 12 months with this year’s big winner being Gravity.

The celebratory atmosphere was unceremoniously dampened shortly after the awards concluded as local police were alerted to a major theft at the theatre. Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey was the apparent victim of a theft as his Oscar statuette was unaccounted for.

While Twitter was swamped with the retweeting of a picture posted by host Ellen DeGeneres, police were trying to identify the criminal who swooped in to steal the valuable Best Actor award.

WWN can now exclusively reveal that it is thought that 5-time losing Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio is responsible for the theft, so incensed was he at being passed over yet again for the priceless statuette.

Early indications are that police were unable to pinpoint the whereabouts of the Wolf of Wall Street star, but he is believed to have sought refuge on the roof top of the Dolby Theatre awaiting a private helicopter in order to make a dramatic getaway.

“We presume that Mr. DiCaprio fled via helicopter to what we imagine to be some sort of lair, which is probably obscured from view thanks to a secret entrance,” Lieutenant Dangle shared with WWN.

Eyewitnesses on the scene claim they saw an impossibly handsome man on top of the theatre and that he yelled out ‘You’ll never catch me alive McConaughey’. The Lieutenant refused to rule out the possibility of DiCaprio taking several Academy voters hostage, specifically ones that deemed his turn in Critters 3 as less than Oscar-worthy.