The Protest The International Media Doesn’t Want You To See



Waterford Whispers News constantly brings you the exclusive stories no other agencies in the world will cover, and today is no different.

Three year old Emma Casey from Waterford was out shopping in Tesco with her father Derek this morning when she asked him to buy her a new Barbie Doll.

Mr. Casey refused and what followed became one of the biggest protests the store has ever seen.

Eye witnesses reported loud screaming and shouting emanating from the children’s toys section.

“I thought someone was killing her.” said one distraught woman who wished to remain anonymous.”I ran over to see a young girl child rolling around the floor. Her guardian was pleading with her to stop and seemed very embarrassed. Everyone was staring at his lack of parenting.”

It is believed the toddler carried on like this for several minutes before her worthless father started walking away.

“She grabbed onto his leg still crying and he continued walking with her attached to his leg.” said a staff member. “He seemed to be oblivious at this stage.”

Mr Casey told WWN he carried his daughter around the store while he shopped.

“You’re not allowed to spank your kid anymore, so it’s kind of tough to discipline them in public.” he explained. “I was very tempted to buy a wooden spoon from the hardware isle. The little bitch wouldn’t stop the whole way around the store.

Sources claim the coup may have been orchestrated by the child’s brother, who had already received a present during the week from his mother.

“Its typical human behaviour really .” said expert in psychology Prof Terry Greene, who was drafted in to study the case. “Whether it be a barbie doll or the promise of freedom, people will kick up a fuss when they can’t get what they want.”