Parents On Weekend Away From The Kids Contemplate Never Going Back


David and Marian Dempsey, a married couple from Louth were said to be locked in intense conversation while on a weekend trip to Kerry.

The couple, parents to 3 young children, are believed to be giving strong consideration to never going back, instead preferring to seek out a new life.

While enjoying the luxurious surroundings of a 4 star hotel and spa resort it is alleged Marian struck upon the idea of ripping up her identity and removing all traces of her existence.

“It was probably just after I had my first massage I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to go back’, I don’t want people thinking I’m a monster but like just imagine,” Marian exclusively told WWN.

“They’d be grand with Marian’s sister sure. We have an awful habit of telling the kids what to do and that so it’s probably best if we try to move away to somewhere like the Caribbean,” added husband David.

“The kids, they’re not ‘little shits’ or anything but you sort of, occasionally, wish you never had them and could just enjoy life ya know?” speculated Marian.

It is believed the Dempseys are part of the 100% of parents who give consideration to ‘pulling a legger’ on their children.