This Story Of A 12-Year-Old Quadriplegic Boy Suffering From Aids And Cancer Who Is Also A Billionaire Professor Is The Most Inspiring Story You Will Read In The Next 3 Minutes


A story to melt even the coldest of hearts. We definitely cried when we read this on the site, we stole the story from.

We defy you not to shed a tear as we tell you the story of the amazing Dwight Longhorn, from Phoenix, Arizona, who continues to triumph in the face of adversity.

Most of us are stuck toiling away in the office feeling sorry for ourselves, well that stops now.

Cancer. Aids. 12 years old. No legs. No arms. Did we mention he has aids?

Are you crying yet? Those mournful tears will change into tears of benign inspiration as what we tell you next will change your browsing life for the next 3 minutes until you click on some pictures of kittens falling over.

Dwight has cancer and aids and no legs and no arms BUT he is a billionaire genius who lectures at MIT. He just recently received his doctorate in computer science thus proving some people with life threatening illnesses often make for great viral stories.

Someone made a movie of his life already. Such an inspiration!

Check back here in 5 minutes when we’ll bring you the unlikely friendship between a crocodile and a pig. Cute overload…