Louis Walsh Comes Out As An Unbearable Man


The ‘music’ world was left shocked when influential X-factor judge and boy band enthusiast Louis Walsh announced that is finally coming out as an unbearable man.

In a blog post on his website Walsh confirmed it had been tough to admit ‘but as many suspected, speculated and claimed I am an unbearable man’.

‘Most people get an irritating vibe from me instantly,’ Walsh admitted in the post which has been viewed by over 1200 people.

How this will affect his career going forward is unclear, but Walsh has been praised for his frank and open assessment of himself and his lifestyle.

“I was born this way, once an irritable upstart, always an irritable upstart I suppose” Walsh confirmed to a magazine that reports on this inane stuff.

Many of Walsh’s fans have come out in defence of the band manager suggesting if more people were open about how annoying they are, society at large would be a better place.

More to follow as we get it…ldren when on a quick getaway break.