JobBridge Intern Looks Up The Definition Of Slave Labour


WWN’s JobBridge intern Kevin displayed all the qualities of a great journalist earlier when he sought out the legal definition of ‘slave labour’ during a brief break from bringing out the shine on the conference room floor.

In the 21st century a journalist, more than ever, needs to maintain a voracious appetite for detail, facts and the truth at the heart of the pressing issues of the day.

Kevin, ever grateful for the opportunity WWN has bestowed on him, wanted to seek out the definition of slave labour as to know, for certain, the circumstances in which those less fortunate than himself have to operate in.

As a courtesy to those around him in the office, he searched for the definition online when he knew the office was empty, conscious that his typing could have distracted WWN’s journalists from their work.

Additionally, Kevin deleted evidence of his search so as not to confuse anyone should they stumble upon the search history.

The definition Kevin settled on was ‘a working relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another.’

Kevin quietly reassured himself that his 80 hour week at an hourly rate of €2.50 was far removed from exploitation and his mother was right to tell him to rid himself of any such notions.