Nation Of Immigrants Angry At Amount Of Immigrants Portrayed In Coca Cola Advert


DESCENDANTS of American immigrants took to their foreign made phone and computer devices today to slam multinational beverage corporation Coca Cola for the amount of immigrants portrayed in their latest TV advertisement.

During last Sunday’s Super Bowl, the ‘horrific’ commercial titled “It’s Beautiful” was aired, in which numerous foreign actors can be seen singing along in different languages throughout the 60 second ad.

It wasn’t long before thousands of tweets from concerned viewers flooded twitter. Hashtags like #fuckcoke and #speakenglishamerica littered news feeds across the social networking site, infuriating innocent white Americans even more.

‘Why don’t everyone speak in plain English all the time? Dis America baby!’ tweeted William Chung from Nebraska state.

Hundreds more intellectual men and women also joined in to tackle the blatant disregard for their culture.

‘Nuthin but ni**er lovers running the world now.’ wrote another man. ‘Next thing we’ll have a black man for president!’

Almost the entire population of America – a country stolen from its natives by immigrants in the late 15th century – demanded the soft drinks company to ‘apologize for their ignorance’, or face a widespread boycott of all their products.

“What kind of shit was that to pull during the most American God damn event of the year?” said Martin Polanski, who has been driving New York taxi cabs for the past twenty years. “No true blood American wants to see foreign people singing and being happy.

“Its like a team of Jehovah Witnesses took over at Coca Cola!” he added.

Coca Cola stated today it will be reviewing its marketing strategy in the coming weeks and apologised for any distress caused by their commercial.