Man Celebrates 10 Years Of Dodging Mothers Facebook Friend Request


Ten years on from the birth of social networking site Facebook, Dublin man James Duckham still hasn’t responded to his mother’s friend request.

“The request is still there every time I log in”, said the 31 year old IT Consultant. “Every time I go on Facebook I have to be careful not to accidentally click Accept. My Mam is a great woman altogether, but I just didn’t want her seeing my comings and goings online”.

James went on to describe how he had managed to dodge a friend request for the better part of a decade.

“At first, I just bluffed that I didn’t know how to accept Friend requests”, squirmed James. “That bought me about a year or so”

“Then I would pretend that her request didn’t show up on my feed because I was using a laptop and she was using a desktop, and that bought me another 18 months or so. And I just kept going like that; anytime I went around for dinner or at Christmas, I would just assure her that I would click accept as soon as I got the request, and try to get her to cancel it and re-send it”.

When asked how long he intended to keep this charade going, James was optimistic that his mother would eventually drop the issue.

“It’s only a matter of time before she stops trying”, he said with hope. “Either she forgets about sending the request, or takes the hint. I mean, she knows I work in IT for a living. There’s only so brain-dead at computers that I can pretend to be”.