Brendan O’Connor Diagnosed With Creased-Face Syndrome


Brendan O’Connor is said to be in shock after learning he has been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition commonly known as Creased-Face Syndrome (CRS).

The news serves as a further blow to the Saturday Night Show presenter and journalist after the scandal surrounding the recent appearance of Rory O’Neill on the show and the subsequent settlements reached by RTÉ with a number of definitely not homophobic individuals.

CRS is the name given to a rare condition which sees the body reject its skin, forcing it to bunch up in a comic fashion on the face. The face can develop a crevice and a number of pronounced wrinkles which leaves the sufferer looking constantly perplexed or frustrated.

“He looked quite confused when I gave him the bad news,” shared Dr. John O’Flynn, “but then again, I can’t be sure he was confused as that could have been the CRS.”

Dr. O’Flynn went on to highlight the condition is no laughing matter. “Brendan is a stage 1 CRS sufferer, some have a more severe case of CRS and they ultimately lose their once normal looking face to a series of facial folds. In the end they come to resemble a Pug after it has been delivered some quite terrible news.”

Sources close to RTÉ reveal the diagnosis will not affect O’Connor’s current role at the broadcaster, but it has been revealed to WWN that the powers that be have asked for some solutions to the problem to be drawn up.

“They are thinking of sellotaping his face, restricting the movement so as to reduce the obviousness of the CRS. Botox is out of the question as a CRS sufferer’s body rejects such chemicals,” our source explained.

Rolling Stone rocker Keith Richards is perhaps the most famous example of CRS but it is believed that 5 in every 100,000 people in Ireland are CRS sufferers.

If you are a sufferer of CRS or wish to receive more information on the condition contact the CRS helpline at 01 208 3111.