JobBridge Intern’s First Story Stolen By Another Journalist


Kevin Murray, WWN’s resident intern, had a lot of backtracking to do amongst his friends and family today after telling them to ‘look out for my first article’.

A giddy and proud Kevin sent out a text to close friends telling them to look out for his name in Ireland’s leading news publication only to realise he had made an error of judgement.

The media studies graduate and Masters degree holder, still new to the journalism profession, had mistakenly thought that if he researched and wrote an article entirely by himself he deserved a writing credit.

Julius Hubris, a veteran of the journalism game, understandably thought Kevin was aware of the rules and so removed Kevin’s name adding his own instead to the news item while feeling no need to inform the intern.

“Sorry Trev, thought you’d know the old journo rules. Have a think over where you went wrong while you’re making me a coffee, there’s a good lad,” imparted Hubris.

Kevin’s mother Aine, had been furiously refreshing the WWN’s homepage for several hours waiting for her son’s big moment only to be left disappointed and confused.

“Either it is your article Kevin or it isn’t, you can’t be plagiarising other people’s work. What sort of a son have I raised at all, telling people he wrote the article…fecking eejit” Aine would later remark.