Supermacs Receives Its First Michelin Star


There has been cause for celebration today in Galway as Irish fast food chain Supermacs has received its first ever Michelin star.

While many were surprised to learn that Supermacs had not already been awarded the star, Irish people up and down the country are said to be beaming with pride as news of the award spread.

The Michelin Guide, which awards stars to restaurants for the high standard and quality of their food, was established in 1900. It continues to be the barometer by which most leading restaurants throughout the world are deemed worthy of their reputations.

Ireland’s latest recipients of the prestigious award have welcomed the news. “It’s about bloody time, let’s be honest,” shared head Supermacs chef Davor Bisnek, “I was beginning to lose faith in the Michelin Guide but today they’ve shown they know what they are talking about.”

The newly awarded star could well prove a boost to business as customers begin to flock to sample the menu Michelin called ‘sumptuous – a divine descent to pastures of pleasure not felt since the opulence of the Roman Empire’. High praise indeed.

While Supermacs have no immediate plans to hike up their prices in light of the award some regulars to the fast food outlets have their doubts.

“I’ve backed them since day one. Day one son. If they even think about raising the price of the Mighty Mac Burger I’ll be spitting fire,” shared a worried Tommy Doyle, life long Supermacs customer.

“They better not be getting fucking fancy with it,” offered Linda Burke, another restaurant regular, “If they stop me going in there in my pyjamas that star will find itself up someone’s hole.”