Man Talking On Phone Frantically Looking For Phone


 An Ennis man has admitted himself to a psychiatric ward following an incident earlier today.

Tom Early, a 34-year-old electrician, was on the phone with his brother, Martin, discussing last night’s football when he realised he couldn’t find his phone.

Passing it off as nothing to worry about initially, Tom decided not to trouble his brother with a problem, he felt, would surely be resolved in a matter of seconds.

As Martin continued to offer his opinion on Arsenal’s performance last night Tom began to zone out choosing instead to focus solely on finding his fecking phone.

‘C’mon Tom you had it on you a minute ago, think, where is it?’ Tom thought to himself as he pulled up sofa cushions and looked in cupboards.

Occasionally Tom would throw in a ‘yeah’ to his brother in order to feign interest in their conversation, but Tom was now frantically looking for his phone.

‘I won’t be able to get in touch with clients, the mother, anyone if I don’t find this bastarding phone’ Tom thought as he raced in and out of every room.

In an act of ever increasing desperation, Tom began literally retracing his steps in an over exaggerated fashion. His limbs were slowly going backwards as he thought ‘if I don’t find this thing I’ll go mad, I will go mental.’

“Right listen better get off the phone and back to work,” Martin told a distracted Tom, “talk to you at the weekend.”

Just as their phone call concluded Tom made a troubling realisation: he had been his phone in his possession the whole time. Tom was so distraught by the episode he immediately drove to the nearest mental institution and offered himself up to the staff.