Sarcastic Pictures Of Over-Turned Furniture Likely Following Irish Earthquake, Warn Seismologists



SEISMOLOGISTS have warned that hundreds of sarcastic internet memes depicting over turned furniture are expected over the next couple of days.

The Irish National Seismic Network has said that they have already found 8 images of knocked over chairs and tables with captions relating to how pathetic the earthquake really was this morning.

“I’d like to see how smart they are if their homes were turned to dust.” said chief seismologist, Tony Reilly. “Nothing like several tonnes of rubble to crush their spirits and torsos.”

Mr. Reilly urged internet pranksters not too tempt faith, and said he is only preparing for the day when a huge quake strikes Ireland, rendering everyone paralysed with fear.

“Wait till you see the sheer power and awesomeness an earthquake can unleash on your puny faces.” he said. “Someday I will stand on a demolished house and take pleasure knowing its occupants once laughed at a sarcastic internet earthquake meme.”

The 56-year-old then produced an orange from his pocket and slammed it with his forehead.

“We’ll see who the smartarse is when you are squashed like a fucking plum by your water-tank.” he concluded, while wiping pips from his brow.

Experts believe over three thousand memes will be created over the next few days, all depicting exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way.