Taoiseach Defends James Reilly €562bn Death Star For North Dublin Constituency


TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has heavily defended Health Minister Dr James Reilly’s decision to construct a 562 billion euro Death Star for his North Dublin constituency today.

Dr. Reilly was accused by both the Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein leaders of political malpractice and urged the Taoiseach to put a stop to the project.

In the Dáil earlier, Michael Martin said it was long past time for Lord Reilly to go, as he criticised the Space Station.

“This is pure madness. Why on earth does North Dublin need a Death Star?” asked the Fianna Fail leader.

Mr Kenny said that Fine Gael and Labour coalition were supporting the project as it will create 100,000 construction jobs over the next 10 years.

He said the Death star will be used to protect the constituency from future Jedi attacks and added ‘it would be just so cool to have a moon sized sphere hovering over Dublins skyline’.

Ronan construction stated that when completed, the Death Star will contain 17 shopping centres, 2 airports, 3 churches, 40,000 apartments and 47,957,000 roundabouts. It will also employ a Job-Bridge crew of 85,675 interns, as well as 12,276 gunners, 30,984 Garda stormtroopers, 2,782 canteen staff and 400 Catholic priests.

Stroking a white cat on his lap, Mr Reilly told the Dáil earlier that he will look for a vote of no confidence against anyone who opposes him and crush those who fail to succumb to the Dark Side of the force.