Actor Who Played Robert Redford Retires Aged 81

BRITISH actor Stephen Jones has announced that he is to retire from his lifelong role as Robert Redford at the grand old age of 81, WWN can confirm. Jones thanked all of his fans and colleagues throughout the years for their continued support, stating that he was looking forward to living the rest of his life as himself at his country estate… Read more »

Jennifer Lopez FLAUNTS Her Body In These Photos Taken Via Long Lens Camera 2km Away By Paparazzi

THE OUTRAGEOUS Jenny From The Block singer stunned onlookers with her enviable curves, as they stared down a photographic lens from over 2 kilometres away, with J Lo soaking in the sun on private property we are strictly speaking, not allowed take pictures of. Unashamedly flaunting her buxom breasts and pert posterior to the privacy… Read more »

Local Woman Knew Liam And Cheryl Wouldn’t Last

THE breakup of former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy and One Direction member Liam Payne has been met with great delight from noted Waterford harridan Deirdre Moone, who ‘knew from day one’ that the celebrity relationship was doomed to failure. Payne and Tweedy announced the end of their two-year relationship with a joint statement on… Read more »

New CAPTCHYA System To Request DNA Sample

ARE you human? Yes? Great! Then you are one of the billions of biological entities accessing the world wide web that are not robots, and thanks to a brand new clever Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHYA) system, you will never be mistaken for one again. For centuries CAPTCHYAs have safeguarded the human race accessing important internet… Read more »