Clown Community Blasts Steve Bannon For Likening Them To White Nationalists

MEMBERS of the clown community in the United States have today slammed White House chief strategist Steve Bannon after he likened them to White Nationalists and losers in an interview with the American Prospect, a left wing political magazine on Wednesday. During the bizarre interview, Bannon branded white nationalists as “clowns” over the fallout from violent protests in… Read more »

154 Key Talking Points From The 20 Second McGregor Sparring Footage

LAST weekend, video footage of Conor McGregor’s controversial sparring session with Paulie Malignaggi was finally released to an unsuspecting world, shocking it to its very core and sending shockwaves that were recorded as far away as Fiji. Following months of scepticism around Mcgregor’s boxing ability, unbiased UFC president Dana White officially put fan doubts to bed by… Read more »

Weed Dealer No Fucking Idea What Strain It Is

A COUNTY Waterford weed dealer has come out of the woodwork today to confirm, once and for all, that he has no fucking idea what strain he’s selling to people, and is now begging customers to stop asking. Speaking from a wall in Lisduggan council estate, situated on the lower west side of the city,… Read more »

Budget Airline Complains About Budget Passengers

BUDGET carrier Ryanair has called for a crackdown on alcohol sales at British airports, claiming that the number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour last year has increased by 50%, tarnishing the airlines impeccable reputation. Europe’s biggest short-haul airline has proposed a ban on early morning sales of alcohol in bars and restaurants, as more… Read more »

Border Fears Grow As Brexit Plan To Make It Even Harder To Buy Fireworks

ALTHOUGH the British government has insisted that there will be no Brexit-imposed return to a ‘hard border’ between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, fears are growing for the future of the fireworks industry ahead of the Halloween 2017. With Downing Street reaffirming that trade across the border will remain ‘seamless and frictionless’, on-the-ground… Read more »