Worrying Number Of Homeless Surviving The Winter, Warns Government Think Tank

A GOVERNMENT think tank has found that a staggering number of homeless people are still surviving the cold winter weather, with the volume of people sleeping rough actually climbing, despite a record 8 reported deaths on Irish streets in the past two months. In a warning to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the think tank believed the previous approach to just doing nothing and letting… Read more »

“It’s Not The Pay, I Just Want To Ruin Everyone’s Christmas” Ryanair Pilot Speaks Out

FOLLOWING news that Ryanair pilots are to strike five days before Christmas starting on the 20th of December, we speak to Captain Cathal Murray, a longtime pilot for the troubled airline. “Every time there’s a strike or string of flight delays, I like to sit here and watch people’s faces as their little hearts break,” 49-year-old Cathal… Read more »

Local Child Fucking Knows

A CAT-AND-MOUSE game of nerves has broken out in the home of one Waterford family this year, as the parents of a 4th Class boy become increasingly aware that their son knows ‘the deal’ with Santa Clause. Louise and Michael Dornan, the parents of 9-year-old Phillip, were certain that last year was their son’s ‘last…

Traffic Delays As Wild Luas Goes For Drive In Phoenix Park

DESPITE weeks of preparation, the new cross city Luas line has created horrendous traffic delays throughout Dublin’s city centre, with the latest incident seeing a wild Luas breaking from its tracks to go chasing deer in Phoenix Park, WWN has learned. Assurances were given in the weeks leading up to the new line’s launch that… Read more »