Bomb Explosion In Northern Ireland Probably Nothing To Worry About

AN explosion on the border in Co, Fermanagh yesterday morning deliberately detonated in an attempt to murder police officers is probably nothing you should worry about at’all at’all, and if you could just carry on there, doing whatever you were doing, that would be super, WWN can confirm. The terrorist attack, which hasn’t really made the news considering it’s an actual… Read more »

Prince Andrew Put On Suicide Watch

THE Royal Family has announced that Prince Andrew has been placed on suicide watch, amid fears that the under-pressure Prince may be about to do something that would bring the peerless name of the family into disrepute. Under direct orders from the Queen, the Royal’s favourite son will be kept on watch until such a… Read more »

Coping With Insufferable Tipp Fans, A Guide

TIPPERARY won their 28th All Ireland hurling final yesterday afternoon seeing fans once again resorting to their default factory setting ‘insufferable bore’, but just how does the rest of the country cope with their endless boasting? Read below. With random public chants of ‘C’mon Tipp’ currently at peak levels it is vitally important not to show your disdain… Read more »