Inauguration Held Up While Trump Sorts Out ‘Some Little Punk’ On Twitter


PROCEEDINGS at the presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington DC have been temporarily held up, while president-elect Donald Trump engages in a bitter online flame-war with a Twitter user named ‘MarkBigBallz69’. Despite family members and White House aides urging Trump to ‘just let it go’, the soon-to-be 45th president of the United States stood hammering at… Read more »

America’s Problem Now Officially The World’s Problem


WITH the official ushering in of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, citizens of the world have taken a break from joyously ridiculing the stupidity of the American public after realising their act of self-destruction is now the world’s problem. All the worry, anxiety and palpable fear that many Americans have… Read more »

Trump Nominates Himself For Nobel Peace Prize


AN IRATE and hurt president-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter late last night to criticise the world for failing to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize, WWN can confirm. “I’ve been prez-elect since November 8th. No Nobel Peace Price nom. SAD,” Trump said, failing to spell ‘prize’ correctly, such was the fury with which… Read more »